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Chiropractors of The Chirohealth Clinic

All of the chiropractors that work at The Chirohealth Clinic have successfully completed an accredited chiropractic degree. Upon completion of this qualification they are bestowed with the title Doctor of Chiropractic. When we refer to our chiropractors as Dr. Julia Pullin for example, the Doctor refers to the Doctor of Chiropractic title, and does not mean that our chiropractors are medical Doctors such as your GP. We definitely don’t prescribe drugs or offer surgery!

Now…let’s meet our chiropractors.



Julia Pullin, Doctor of Chiropractic

Julia Pullin, Doctor of Chiropractic

It’s powerful and exciting
Julia Pullin

“I change people’s lives by not just getting rid of their pain but by making them feel great again! I consider myself privileged to make such an impact on my patients lives.”

Julia’s passion for Chiropractic began at senior school around the age of fourteen. After meeting a chiropractor and observing him in practice, she saw her vision of becoming a chiropractor and running her own clinic. The great results her patients have had have resulted in not just one but two modern, national award winning clinics.

Julia and her partner Spencer founded the Lincoln branch of The Chirohealth Clinic in 2002. Following its phenomenal success, the Scunthorpe chiropractic clinic was opened in 2005. However, in 2010 the Lincoln clinic was sold so that they could focus all their efforts on just one location. Julia and Spencer work hard to continuously ensure the standards of the clinic are ever improving yet maintains the personal touch of a small hands on practice.

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“I have had the great fortune of having Spencer by my side supporting and assisting in the development of both clinics. Spencer has been the full time clinic manager since August 2006. He now knows why our Chiropractors are so enthusiastic about what they do because he gets to see all the happy patients in the clinic”.

She graduated in 1997 from the prestigious Anglo-European College of Chiropractic (AECC) with BSc(Chiro). She is a member of the United Chiropractic Association, the College of Chiropractors and as with all legitimate chiropractors, is registered with the regulatory body, the General Chiropractic Council.

Since starting clinical practice, in order to provide ever-higher levels of patient care, Julia has attended courses taught by world class practitioners. She aims to exceed your expectations in health care, helping you achieve clearly defined health goals without the use of drugs or surgery.

Julia keeps herself healthy and fit with regular Chiropractic treatment and going to the gym. “Your spine needs regular check-ups, just like a car or your teeth. Regular care and maintenance along with exercise will keep you at your peak for many more years”.

She lives with Spencer, their son Clarry and her 6 white crested ducks!

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James Noble, Doctor of Chiropractic

James Noble, Doctor of Chiropractic

“I wanted to be part of a profession that could ease pain so efficiently without the use of medication or surgery.”

“After 7 years of competing at a high level of gymnastics I thought my sporting days were over.” A gymnastics injury left James with severe pain in his low back and he was referred to a local football team physio. “He took one look at me and declared that a chiropractor was what I needed. After just one treatment my pain was dramatically reduced and I was so impressed that I questioned the Chiropractor all about it. I wanted to be part of a profession that could ease pain so efficiently without the use of medication or surgery.”

Having grown up in Grimsby and with a job that had good prospects, James took the big step of leaving it all behind, attending the University of Glamorgan in South Wales and beginning the four years of training to become a Chiropractor.
“It was a very demanding course but extremely satisfying. I particularly enjoyed the hands on aspects of the degree and treating patients in my clinical year. I’m sure my experiences within sport have given me the determination and strength of character I needed to meet the daily challenges.”

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James provides care that not only treats the cause of the pain that the patient is feeling, but also aims to improve their lifestyle. “I wouldn’t be doing my best for a patient if all I did was treat their pain and send them on their way. The real benefits to my treatment are in the gradual changes we’ll make to your daily habits which will help to prevent a recurrence of your condition.”

James’ hobbies mainly revolve around sport. He has been a national gymnast and a club golfer, footballer and trampolinist. “I now run regularly for various charities including cancer research and guide dogs for the blind, at distances of 10km, half marathon and my first full marathon in 2009 in Blackpool. In April of 2012 I realised a life long ambition which was to complete the London Marathon. However, this was really just another training run for me in preparation for the Marathon Des Sables which I ran in 2013. If you’ve not heard of it before, it’s a 150 mile run across the Sahara desert!”

During his career as a chiropractor in Scunthorpe, James has found that his patients find it easy to talk to him. “I’m a great listener. Give the clinic a call or email me with the link below so we can discuss your specific healthcare needs.”

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Brandon Au, Doctor of Chiropractic

“I love being a chiropractor, not just because it gives me a chance to change people’s lives and give them hope, but also because it changed my own life.”

Before I began my four year course at the Welsh Institute of Chiropractic, I didn’t really know what a chiropractor was! Like many people, I assumed they were similar to physiotherapists and I even considered switching my course because before I started, I think physiotherapy was my dream career.

Brandon’s opinion began to change as his studies progressed and he learned of the huge range of conditions that chiropractic care has helped. He originally thought he’d just be helping people find relief from their back pain, but soon discovered that there was much more to chiropractic than just bad backs!
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I found I could really make a difference to people’s lives whether they’d just started to have problems or had them for many years, and that’s when I realised that chiropractic was now my dream career.

Personally I also got a lot of benefit from Chiropractic even though I didn’t have any symptoms of pain. Back home in Hong Kong when I was young, I had to regularly go to the hospital or medical clinic because I was often sick. However during my four years of chiropractic training I felt I should take responsibility for my health so I could stay well for my career. I changed my lifestyle, ate better, took exercise and of course got regularly adjusted. The only time I had to go to the GP was when I needed to get a medical report so I could register as a chiropractor.

I love being a chiropractor, not just because it gives me a chance to change people’s lives and give them hope, but also because it changed my own life. I intend to help more people by introducing them to chiropractic and showing them that it is not a career that is similar to physiotherapy, but a health profession that can change your life, and make it better.

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portrait of minji lam

Minji Lam, Doctor of Chiropractic

“From a young age, I knew that I wanted to be part of a profession that could make an impact on people’s lives naturally, without any invasive procedures”

Ever since Minji began her career as a chiropractor, she has been passionate about caring for whole families and especially children, because she believes why wait for the problem to deteriorate when it can be more easily managed when it first appears?

Towards the end of high school, there was a time where Minji was unsure about her career choice, just like most of us at some point. However, she did a lot of research into the different types of healthcare professions, and that is when she decided on chiropractic.

“The profession was virtually unknown among my friends and family, and my parents doubted my career choice, even after graduating from college and applying for universities. I had to do a clinic attachment as part of the entry requirement for university, and fortunately, I was hired as a chiropractic assistant.”
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It was during her time working on the front desk of a chiropractic clinic that she began to see the amazing results that patients were having. Given the opportunity, Minji brought her grandmother along for chiropractic treatment, where she obtained tremendous relief from her long-standing scoliosis issues. Now, all of Minji’s family attend for regular wellbeing care and Minji has never looked back!

In her free time, Minji enjoys baking and cooking which inspires her to travel around the world to experience different food cultures and beautiful scenery. This has sparked an interest in photography as well. Minji also enjoys taking part in charity runs to keep herself active and raise funds for worthy causes, because running is her favourite activity of all.

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Silke Osten-Tan, Doctor of Chiropractic

“I believe in treating others with kindness and in helping others as much as you can, and there is no better way of doing that by helping people who are in pain reach optimum health without the use of medications.”

Silke loves skiing and goes skiing with her family as often as she can. Skiing is considered the world’s most dangerous sport, and it’s an incident on holiday with her family that first opened up the world of Chiropractic to Silke. Her father fell on a steep skiing run when she was just 13 years old. He was unable to walk for weeks and it was only after he’d visited a chiropractor that he was able to heal and walk again. Silke attended his chiropractic treatments and was amazed by the way she could help his body heal just by using her hands.

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Throughout her life she had suffered with headaches which would be so intense they would stop her from studying at school. After receiving chiropractic treatment, which helped reduce the intensity and frequency of her headaches, she was able to achieve great A-level results and was accepted onto an intensive 4 year master’s degree at the Welsh Institute of Chiropractic in South Wales.

In her spare time, Silke enjoys hiking, doing charity work and exploring different countries. She has single-handedly raised £300 for ‘Changing Faces’ which is a UK charity supporting and representing children, young people and adults who have disfigurements to the face, hands or body, whether present from birth or caused by accident, injury or by illness or medical episode.

Silke’s mother is from Germany and her father is Chinese, and although English is her first language she speaks fluent German.

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