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COMPLEMENTARY MojoQuest™ & MojoReport™ for Kids

Because we understand the importance of a strong and healthy spine and nervous system, plus the early detection of spinal problems that may arise while developing, we offer a complimentary MojoQuest™ and MojoReport™ appointment for kids at The Chirohealth Clinic.

Many of our Chiropractors have undertaken advanced training to take care of your precious ones, so you know they’re in great hands. From newborns and upwards we’re here to give your kids the best possible start in life.

We feel so strongly about kids being checked from a young age that all children 16 years and younger have their MojoQuest™ and MojoReport™ appointments entirely on us. That’s right, we won’t charge you a penny!*

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*Charges will only apply should a parent/guardian agree to any chiropractic adjustments (treatment) for a child 16 years or under


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