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Ongoing Mojo Growth

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Mojo membership leafletWhen you become a MojoMember™ at The Chirohealth Clinic, you will join a well-being community that understand the benefits of a proactive approach to their health. And while you will also benefit from our lowest prices, that’s not really the point!

Joining membership and being part of our wellbeing community has hidden benefits. Health discussions and workshops, being active in our Facebook group, receiving health related emails and being drawn in to our NATURAL health culture will result in you becoming invested in your results; healthy living starts to creep into every facet of your lifestyle. You start planning what you eat, you’ll notice how your stress levels are affecting your health and make changes, and you’ll force yourself to get the extra steps in to reach your 10,000 goal (or higher!). Simply put, we want you to get all the benefits of hanging out with us too!

For details of the different levels of membership and pricing, please see the information in the clinic when you’re next with us.

Membership benefits include:

  • Benefit from our lowest prices
  • Priority booking
  • Membership exclusive offers and events
  • Membership welcome gift
  • Discounted products within the clinic
  • Half price MojoMind™ Stress Relief Technology
  • Your friends and family receive COMPLIMENTARY MojoQuest™ appointments while you are a member

As an additional benefit of joining our wellbeing community, we have collaborated with a local businesses so you can enjoy additional discounts. Below is just a small list of the businesses and this is increasing each month.

Isle Lose It
Isle lose it offers the ultimate in weight loss, fitness and health packages. This is not just an exercise program with camps available in Epworth, Bawtry, Scunthorpe and Broughton.
25% off your first month
Visit Website
01427 874088 or 07912 367300

Theresa Dawson
Theresa has been our hypnotherapist of choice for many years. She’s helped people with things as diverse as pain relief during childbirth and weight loss, through to dealing with anxiety and stress.
10% off all sessions
Visit Website
01724 721958 or 07850 092805

Queen Bee
Queen Bee is a hair and beauty salon that uses Beautifully Natural products for their hair colourants and beauty treatments to help reduce your chemical exposure, yet still experience the luxury you deserve.
25% off your first visit
Visit Website
01724 270930

Pat Dransfield
Pat is a chiropodist and the person to visit for those neglected feet that need a little care and attention to put a spring back in your step.
10% off all sessions
01724 841737 or 07718 319426

Caroline Lomas
Caroline offers a range of fitness classes within our local community covering a wide range of activities such as yoga, Zumba, Pilates and kettlercise.
10% off all classes
Visit Website
07932 657272

Trudy Norris
Trudy is a Medical Herbalist whose plant based remedies are an ancient form of healing and have become increasingly popular in the West. In addition, Trudy is a trained counsellor that will assist you to work through emotional issues and stress.
10% off all sessions
01724 867385

Jan Cassells
Jan is a complimentary medicine practitioner who has a specialist interest and training in the GAPS diet having trained with Dr Natasha Campbell-McBride. GAPS stands for “Gut and Psychology Syndrome” and “Gut and Physiology Syndrome”. It helps with many learning disabilities, behavioural and psychological problems, as well as autoimmune conditions and the health of the digestive system.
10% off all sessions.
Visit Website
07832 370262

Health + Harmony Acupuncture Clinic
Acupuncture is one of the many and varied therapies of Traditional Oriental Medicine. Fine needles are inserted into the body to stimulate the bodies healing energy.
10% off all treatment sessions (excluding new patient assessment)
Visit Website
01724 853810 or 07837 030399

Eddie Nolan Photography
Eddie is a classically trained photographer (by the one and only Mike Beeby) and has been a photographer at The King’s Gallery in Scunthorpe for 17 years.
Unlimited free sittings, a complimentary 8″x6″ picture and 10% off any order placed!
Visit Website
01724 866657 or 07941 995055

Mojo membershipWe’re in no way affiliated with the people above and don’t receive anything from them should you choose to use their services; they’re just people we know, have used before with good results and trust with your health.

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