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What to Expect at The Chirohealth Clinic

Your First Visit

Welcome to The Chirohealth Clinic in Scunthorpe

A warm welcome awaits you!

Your first visit to the clinic is called a Consultation and Examination. This will last around 45-60 minutes during which time we’ll take a detailed medical history from you.

Lots of your previous history is very relevant to your current condition and it is important that we gather this information to make sure it is safe and appropriate for a Chiropractor to treat you.

We’ll ask you all kinds of questions about your pain and symptoms, such as how long you’ve had them, exactly where you feel them and what kind of pain it is.


You will then change into a gown and then we’ll need to carry out a really thorough examination of you and discover just what has been causing your symptoms. We’ll pay lots of attention to your spine and carry out many orthopaedic and neurological tests including a computerised spinal stress analysis. We’ll both learn an awful lot about your body during this visit!

You'll feel right at home with us

You’ll feel right at home with us

If required, we will arrange for X-Rays or an MRI scan to be performed.

Following your examination, your Scunthorpe chiropractor will give you an information folder about the clinic and escort you back to reception to make your next appointment.

After this appointment, we’ll use all of the information we’ve gathered to determine exactly what your diagnosis is and how we’ll treat your condition. A plan of treatments that is specific and individual to you will be developed and be ready for your next visit.

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