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What Our Patients Say

The majority of new patients that come to our Scunthorpe Chiropractic clinic are the friends and relatives of existing patients. They’re so happy with the results they achieve that they tell everyone about us! Here are just a few of our patients and a little bit of their story.

Review a selection of The Chirohealth Clinic patient stories below and please email us using the ‘Email Chiropractor’ link at the bottom of the page or call to make an appointment with one of our Scunthorpe chiropractors!

Yours in Health
Julia Pullin (Doctor of Chiropractic)

John Bacon

Neck and Back Pain

My wife recommend the clinic to me as the clinic I normally attend was closed. Tom Lawrence corrected my neck and back problem in a very professional manner and I can go ahead and play golf this weekend. Many thanks, Tom.

~John B.

Rita Rogers

Chronic back, shoulder and neck pain

As someone who has suffered with chronic back, shoulder and neck pain for years and tried everything to cure it, I was depressed and desperate when I first became a patient…I cannot speak highly enough of the treatment, expertise and approach to my case.

I am truly grateful and virtually pain free. It has changed my life so much for the better.

~Rita R.

Kirk Nicholson

Terrible back pain and headaches for as long as I can remember

I have had terrible back pain for about 8 years and bad headaches for as long as I can remember. I don’t get many of them now and that is only after 1 month of treatment. I can’t wait to see what they are like at the end of the treatment.

My Back is feeling great now and I can do things I thought I would never be able to do. Little things like lying down in bed with a smile on my face because I don’t feel any pain and thinking to myself “This is what everyone feels like”.

~Kirk N.

Doreen Doyle

Suffered for years with headaches, neck, shoulder and lower back pain

I had suffered for years with headaches, neck and shoulder, centre and lower back pain. My legs were like dragging lumps of lead. I was depressed and withdrawn when I used to be outgoing liking keep fit, walking and swimming. I thought I cannot go into retirement feeling like this.

I found the clinic to have a calm and relaxing atmosphere. This continued from reception through to the spacious well equipped consulting rooms. The staff were friendly, helpful and cheerful.

I now wake up in the morning pain free which continues until bedtime 24/7.

I feel as if my life has taken on a new lease and begun again. I would advise people not to suffer in silence with pain but to take that first step to a new beginning. See a chiropractor as soon as your problems start and live today pain free. I did. It worked for me.

~Doreen D.

Helen Capp

Miracle Hands

Before coming to the Scunthorpe Chiropractic clinic, I had been to see my own GP who referred me to a specialist at Hull. I had an MRI scan and then was referred back to a neurologist. No one actually told me what the problem was!

On meeting Vicky Cole for the first time, I found her to be a pleasant, happy and knowledgeable young lady. She very kindly explained what she would be doing and how she could help me. I’ve been coming now for quite a few months and cannot tell you the difference it has made to my life. I think Vicky has ‘miracle hands’. She has worked wonders on me and I will be eternally grateful to her.

~Helen C.

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