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Your Changing Taste Buds

If you think back to earlier times, you’ll agree that we didn’t have fast food burger places or pizza around, though it would have made the caveman’s existence much simpler!

When we’re born, we move from milk to solid foods. Back when junk foods didn’t exist, we would’ve craved the solid foods best suited for our survival, growth, and health, so that we could grow up and become the big, strong, dominant species that we are. Unhealthy food choices would’ve only hindered that goal!

The Food Evolution

So, what happened to make us feel like those French fries would taste like the best thing in the world?

We’ve begun to crave these foods that never used to exist. These processed foods with sugars and artificial flavouring were more recently introduced to our environment, and our taste buds have now become accustomed to craving these instead of making healthier choices.

Changing Your Preferences

The more you eat real, healthy food, the more you'll crave it

The more you eat real, healthy food, the more you’ll crave it

In fact, your taste buds can change so much that some people will claim they ‘don’t like’ the taste of vegetables or are even allergic to them! They’ve simply lost the taste for them by getting used to processed foods. Can you imagine a cow being born that didn’t like the taste of fresh grass, or a penguin that didn’t like fish!

On the way back from a seminar a few months ago, we were hungry but limited with our food choices and so stopped at a fast food restaurant for a burger. After choking down about half of it, I realised it tasted plastic and artificial. It’s just not real food!

You can change what your taste buds think is delicious — get back to the whole foods that humans have thrived on throughout history.

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