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Are you the Chiropractor that wants to give people their Mojo?!

Well, you’ve only gone and done it…

Yep, you’ve checked us out because you’re ready for a new challenge or you’re looking for a really exciting clinic to work in.

Whatever your reason, we’re glad you did because we’re ready to invest in your future as a chiropractor.

We’ve spoken to hundreds of graduates over the years and the one thing they all want is coaching and mentorship. All clinic owners will promise to be your mentor but very often they’re offering coaching and have never been coached themselves!

We recognised this as a weakness so have completely changed our programme. We still deliver the initial training in-house to kick start your career as a member of our team. However, after only 3 months we fund a proven external Chiropractic coach from Powerful Practices International to develop YOU to YOUR ultimate success.

Around The Chirohealth Clinic

The Package:

The Chirohealth Clinic Team

  • A high guaranteed basic salary plus generous bonus
  • One to one in-house ‘essentials’ coaching (intensive and ongoing)
  • Interactive automated media coaching (yours to keep forever, delivered to your inbox)
  • Proven external Chiropractic coach (find out more about Bettina Tornatora here)
  • Gym membership
  • Medical insurance
  • UCA/BCA membership in your first 12 months
  • GCC Fees in your first 12 months
  • Malpractice Insurance in your first 12 months
  • Great work-life balance: 3 days off every week
  • Practicing from a modern purpose built clinic
…plus an apple a day from our indoor apple tree!

MoJo patient counsel

We Help Each Other

If your perfect job involves being left in a room on your own in isolation, you’d hate it here! We’re a true TEAM that help each other, learn together and play together.

If this sounds like the opportunity you’ve been waiting for please get in touch and we’ll tell you more. Click on the green EMAIL US button below, call the clinic on 01724 871222 or PM us on Facebook.

Who Are We?

Julia and familyI’m Julia and I was introduced to Chiropractic around 1984 at the tender age of 12 and I’ve been on the fun and exciting chiropractic roller coaster ever since. With over 20 years clinical experience and 15 years running my own successful practice, I’m more passionate and excited about Chiropractic now than ever.Together Spencer (my husband) and I have worked to create a clinic that stimulates, educates and presents chiropractic in a modern environment. While our powerful chiropractic principles are over 100 years old, we believe Chiropractic should still have a modern and progressive image.

Spen is possibly one of the most passionate Chiropractic advocates you could meet. He can talk the talk better than most Chiropractors! He joined Chirohealth full time back in 2008 and loves promoting Chiropractic and health to anyone that will listen. His non-chiropractic background also provides us with a layman’s perspective of health and what the public want from their healthcare provider.

We both believe that health is normal. Your body has the ability to self-heal and that dis-ease is the body responding appropriately to a stress being placed upon it.

We have a vision for Chiropractic as a normal lifestyle choice for normal people, where the general public fully understand the benefits and it just makes perfect sense to get regularly adjusted.

Join the The Chirohealth Clinic Team | 01724 871222