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Are You Crazy Enough to Change the World?

Well, you’ve only gone and done it…

Yep, you’ve checked us out because you’re ready for a new challenge or you’re looking for a really exciting clinic to work in.

Whatever your reason, we’re glad you did because we’re ready to invest in your future as a chiropractor.

You may already know, Silke, one of our amazing associates, is leaving Chirohealth to travel the world. Since most Chiropractic associates stay at Chirohealth from 4-8 years, this is a rare opportunity for you to join our team.


Because we are looking for just one person, this is your one chance to join an outstanding and growing team of more than 20 people that are flying the flag for Chiropractic and natural healthcare.

We would love for you to have an amazing experience with us too.

If you’re interested in knowing more, then TOGETHER WE WILL:

  • Discover what type of clinic you want to work in and whether Chirohealth is suitable for your aspirations.
  • Provide you with insights into Chirohealth’s success
  • Discuss the mentoring needs you may have and how this can be achieved

AND best of all…

  • Allow you the opportunity to meet the team and talk to them freely about their experience.



Around The Chirohealth Clinic

As clinic owners for over 15 years, we understand that it’s a serious undertaking to develop your skill set to become an accomplished Chiropractor. Our coaching program passes on our extensive experience, knowledge and observations. We hold nothing back.

Being in our team will launch you quickly to a level of clinical mastery rarely experienced by people in their first 5 years out in Chiropractic practice. Not only that, for those of you with an eye on a practice of your own, you will learn the systems to run a busy and successful practice.

What Makes Our Team Tick?

Teamwork, passion and Chiropractic MOJO! You see being part of our Chiropractic team means you will be encouraged to think differently, to break the mould, to strive to be more than those around you. So be prepared for a fun and interesting journey of growth, development and breakthroughs because life at Chirohealth is never dull. We are proud to have a magnificent group of mavericks that together plan to change the world!

“The people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones who do”. Steve Jobs

We believe that together we can achieve so much more to bring Chiropractic to more people around the world.

Just a few of OUR ACHIEVEMENTS include:

  • Typically our DCs earn between £35K-£45K in their first year.
  • Our last 2 DCs saw in excess of 50 N/Ps in their first month.
  • Chirohealth Scunthorpe has cared for more than 10,000 patients.
  • All previous DCs either still work at Chirohealth or left to run their own successful practices.
  • We have more than 1000 Facebook likes.
  • We have held the CoC PPQM Award for the past 12 years.
  • We have successfully coached over 14 DCs
  • Regular featured articles in 33 Principles

Our quest for knowledge, personal growth and unique experiences gives us the edge to ensure Chirohealth continues to evolve. Chirohealth today will be different to Chirohealth 1 year from now.

We continually look for ideas and concepts that will elevate the care and service we provide because we understand the importance of being at the forefront in our fast moving society.

Why We Have a Mentoring Programme

A mentoring position gives you the unique opportunity to learn from those that have gone before. You have the opportunity to bypass the mistakes they have made because they are willing to pass on their wisdom of experience, whether that is from 20 years of experience or 2 months. This is a gift that is passed on by generous people.

Passion for mentoring comes from my own experience. Just 3 years in to my Chiropractic career I was reaching burnout and had lost my passion for Chiropractic (don’t worry, it’s back in buckets now). With mentoring I now know this could have been avoided.

Chirohealth Mentoring Program MISSION STATEMENT:

“The Chirohealth Diamond Mentoring Program is a supportive plan that develops skills, knowledge and personal growth. Our purpose is to create happy, successful, accomplished Chiropractors with MOJO!”

Mentoring is chosen for many reasons, so what is yours?

  1. Do you want to learn how to become busy in practice?
  2. Do you want to learn how to be happy in practice?
  3. Do you want to know how to provide outstanding care?
  4. Do you want to become a mentor in the future?
  5. Do you want to know how to run a successful practice with associates working with you?
  6. Do you want the stability of a team of experienced people to guide you when unsure of what to do?

Whatever your reason, be clear of your “why” because being clear will help you focus on what you want to achieve, learn and develop during our time together.

We want you to get the best out of your time here at Chirohealth in order to achieve your goals and ambitions.
Your mentoring will come from ALL the team members. We share our experiences and learn from each other and what you will commonly find is that some great tips and tid bits will come from casual conversations with your colleagues.


Our NATURAL approach to health

mojo-patient-counselChirohealth delivers a health program to our patients called Find Your MOJO the NATURAL Way. NATURAL is the acronym we use to highlight health challenges/stressors.

Alignment and Posture
Unsafe Toxins
Love and Connection

Chiropractic and adjusting subluxations is at the core of what we deliver. Our MOJO program expands the concept of what causes stress on the body and what lifestyle changes can be made to minimise negative health influences.

We provide simple tools to help our patients identify what areas of NATURAL may be holding them back from a life with MOJO. We show them how a life with MOJO, being able to do all the activities you love and enjoy while feeling great, makes life more fun!


Who Are We?

I’m Julia and I was introduced to Chiropractic around 1984 at the tender age of 12 and I’ve been on the fun and exciting chiropractic roller coaster ever since. With over 20 years clinical experience and 15 years running my own successful practice, I’m more passionate and excited about Chiropractic now than ever.

julia-spencer-clarryTogether Spencer (my husband) and I have worked to create a clinic that stimulates, educates and presents chiropractic in a modern environment. While our powerful chiropractic principles are over 100 years old, we believe Chiropractic can still have a modern and progressive image.

Spen is possibly one of the most passionate Chiropractic advocates you could meet. He can talk the talk better than most Chiropractors! He joined Chirohealth full time back in 2008 and loves promoting Chiropractic and health to anyone that will listen. His non-chiropractic background also provides us with a layman’s perspective of health and what the public want from their healthcare provider.

We both believe that health is normal. Your body has the ability to self-heal and that dis-ease is the body responding appropriately to a stress being placed upon it.

We have a vision where Chiropractic is a normal lifestyle choice for normal people, where the general public fully understand the benefits and it just makes perfect sense to get regularly adjusted.


Our purpose is simple…Change lives every day!

Let’s start with our Perfect Fit Quiz! (It’s just 7 simple questions)

Answer the following questions honestly…

1. Do you love working as part of a group or team?

2. Do you believe that working 4 days a week would give you the work/life balance you want?

3. Are you interested in optimal health and wellbeing?

4. Do you enjoy personal growth?

5. Do you want a position with a guaranteed salary plus bonuses?

6. Do you want a mentor?

7. Do you like to have fun?

If you answered yes to more than 6 of the questions, we could be a perfect fit, so LET’S TALK!

Click on the green EMAIL US button below, call the clinic on 01724 871222 or PM us on Facebook.

Looking forward to meeting you very soon!

Julia and Spen



The Chirohealth Clinic | 01724 871222