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It's Not Only about Genetics

When you go to your medical doctor for even a routine visit, they’ll ask about your family health history. Did your parents have cancer? Did your grandparents have heart disease? It’s easy for us to be led to believe that only our genetics determine our likelihood of getting sick.

You have the option to lead your own, healthy life

You have the option to lead your own, healthy life

Thinking for Yourself

It’s also in the interest of big pharmaceutical companies for you to believe that the control over whether you get sick is all in your genes. If you believe this, you’ll not bother trying to prevent disease, you’ll go for the only fix available, which of course is the drugs they produce. And of course, you’ll need to take these drugs every day for the rest of your life! Sounds like good business.

The truth is…

Your lifestyle decisions will influence the development of diseases like cancer, diabetes, and heart disease no matter what your family history is, and yet that history is still always the first thing addressed in your GP’s appointments.

Controlling Your Own Health

If it’s all genetic, how can we explain older generations of people in the same family not getting cancer for instance? If you examine the lifestyle of those who didn’t contract disease, you’ll find that they:

  • Didn’t eat processed, artificial, or preservative-rich foods
  • Ate plenty of organic (because that’s all there was) fruits and vegetables
  • Drank a good amount of clean water
  • Got regular exercise (in their normal day to day activities)

If you make these a part of your life, your likelihood of getting any of these sicknesses, whether or not your parents or grandparents had them, will be greatly reduced. While I accept your genes could still mean you have a higher risk of a certain disease should you lead the life of bad habits, please don’t believe that your family history binds you to your fate!

Remember, it wasn’t so long ago that nobody believed there was a link between smoking and lung cancer — and there are still those who deny it!

Lead a life of wellness and you’ll stay healthy. We’re here to help you with that in any way we can!

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