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It's Not Just About the Calories

There's no need to bargain with yourself when filling up on fresh fruit and veg

There’s no need to bargain with yourself when filling up on fresh fruit and veg

It’s easy to bargain with yourself over eating those unhealthy foods you’re craving. Have you ever justified your choices with any of the following excuses?

  • I’ll eat less tomorrow
  • I’ll make a quick gym visit to burn off the calories
  • I’ll drink a diet drink instead of a full-sugar one

There are plenty of reasons that make it easy to talk ourselves into filling up on empty calories.

Remember, it’s not just about the fact that high-calorie or empty-calorie foods cause weight gain; It’s also about your nutrition.

Filling Up…

Your stomach is only a certain size. If you fill it with donuts, not only are you full of a food that doesn’t provide your body with the nourishment you need, but also you’re too full to fit in any fruits or vegetables. These are the nutrients that your body truly needs!

The nutrients in this real food will provide your body with the building blocks for growth, repair, and healing. Eating useless calories will damage your body physically. If you do this, you are simply taking up the space that could have been reserved for the proper fuel that your body needs.

…and Filling Out

Although you can’t see the damage on the inside of your body, it will start to show itself on the outside with weight gain. Make healthy choices and try to give your body what it needs—don’t give yourself an excuse with a bargain of doing better tomorrow.

Start filling up on the good stuff today!

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