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How to Develop Diabetes

As you probably know, type 2 diabetes is on the rise and every day more and more people are being told they have it. It seems that we all know someone that has been living with it for years, or has recently been diagnosed with it.

But what can we do to maximise our chances of getting it ourselves and joining the 2.9 million other Brits that already have it? Here are some practical and easy to follow steps that will almost certainly lead you to a diagnosis of Type 2 Diabetes:

  • Make sure that every meal you eat is mainly based on carbohydrates. Choose options such as breads and pastries, pasta and rice and lots of potatoes to help keep your blood sugar at a level that your body will struggle to deal with.
  • Always choose the “low fat” option if available when buying any food products to make sure you get those extra added carbs and make you hungry sooner.
  • Avoid fruit and vegetables whenever you can to ensure your body doesn’t have the nutrients for healing and repair.
  • Similarly eat as many ready meals, processed foods and snacks as you can manage as these also have very few nutrients and will keep your cells “starving”
  • Drink as much fruit juice, and sugary fizzy drinks as you can manage. Avoid plain water and always go for the ‘super size’! This will ensure you have extra sugar in your blood to keep that pancreas working on overtime.
  • You can also choose “diet” drinks too with lots of calorie free artificial sweeteners in them. This will still lead to your body producing excessive insulin and encouraging it to be in “fat storage” mode rather than “fat burning”
  • Get as little exercise as you can. Drive everywhere, choose the lift instead of the stairs and stay sat down whenever you can to make sure you use as little of the sugar in your blood for energy as possible. This will also increase your insulin resistance meaning your pancreas has to work harder and harder.

If you stick to as many of these guidelines as you can, you’ll greatly increase your chances of joining the growing numbers of people with type 2 diabetes. And don’t worry if no one in your family had it before. You can be the first and start a long term family tradition.

Obviously this isn’t the advice that we would give in the clinic, but hopefully by writing it in this way you can see what you’re currently doing that is increasing your risk. Do all these things and you’ll get it eventually; do some of them and you’ll be very likely to. Avoid them all and diabetes will stay away.

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