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Helping Diabetes with Sweets?

For several years now, you’ve seen displays on various shop counters where you pay at the till. There’s individually wrapped flapjacks or cakes, or a bag of sweets. And it’s all for a good cause—to support cancer research, or for diabetes or heart disease.


Many people don’t connect these foods with illness

Unhealthy Food=Unhealthy Bodies

The shops think they’re doing something charitable, and people feel they’re making a donation to a good cause when they purchase them. It’s a really nice idea–except that these types of food being sold are major contributors to these lifestyle-related diseases.

These same sweets are what contribute to the proliferation of these devastating diseases to begin with! Unfortunately, many people don’t connect these foods with illness. You might think cancer or diabetes is about genes, or based on chance. You’re just unlucky, or your family history dictates that it was inevitable. The truth, it has so much to do with what you’re putting into your body.

Think Before you Donate!

Would you buy cigarettes to raise money in aid of lung cancer research? I doubt it! Before you make a purchase to support a cause that’s close to your heart, make sure it’s not a donation that sends mixed messages instead of spreading the need for preventing the cause of the illness.

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