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Are Your Drugs Healing You?

Medicine is the art of entertaining the patient, as the body heals itself.” Voltaire

This quote perfectly illustrates an issue close to our heart here at The Chirohealth Clinic. We’re always immersed in the idea that taking a tablet is a magic cure to fix what ails us. An ache or pain can easily be taken care of with a pain tablet, right?

But that’s actually not what’s happening.

Managing Your Symptoms

Your body is full of amazing, natural power

Your body is the only entity capable of healing. A tablet just eases your suffering while your body gets on with the process of healing itself. And sometimes, those pain symptoms might be severe enough that you want some help while your body heals.

You’ve probably been to your GP before and told them about the symptoms that you’ve been having. Often your GP will reply that you should come back in a couple of weeks, and meanwhile take a tablet. You feel it’s miraculous when a couple of weeks later, those symptoms have gone. The doctor was right! You just needed to wait a couple of weeks!

Your Remarkable Self-Healing Ability

That’s not entirely incorrect—you did need to wait, but just to give your body the time to do what it’s naturally designed to do. It would have happened anyway, regardless of if you returned to your GP, and regardless of whether you’d taken that tablet.

Just don’t forget: it’s your body that is the mechanism for healing. It would be starting that process regardless of whether or not you need help to manage the symptoms in the form of a tablet. There’s no magical formula contained in those tablets that heals your tissue and your bones. It’s all about the natural power of your body.

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