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Meet Our Therapists

Working along side our Scunthorpe Chiropractors we have our team of therapists. Each offers many different massage techniques and these are often beneficial at the same time as chiropractic care. If your Chiropractor thinks that massage will aid your recovery, they will recommend this to you and ensure that your therapist is aware of exactly what you need.

However, if you’re not already a patient of ours you can still come to the clinic for massage and our therapists will determine which type is best suited to you and your needs.


Stephanie, Scunthorpe Massage Therapist

Stephanie, Massage Therapist

“I never really knew what I was going to do once I left school”. Stephanie knew from an early age that she wanted to help people, but hadn’t figured out how she was going to do it. “I was in my final year at secondary school when the answer appeared right in front of me, literally! Whilst searching for training courses on the computer, I came across ‘beauty therapist’ in bold on the screen”

A few short months later Stephanie was well on her way to completing her first qualification. “It was during my training that I realised I enjoyed the massage elements of the course more than anything else so I decided to focus on that aspect.” Her mind was made up and she chose to obtain her level 3 qualification hands on, and selected all the massage units to complete her studies.

A full year later and with a new certificate in hand, Stephanie set out to do what she had always wanted to do; help people! “I absolutely love working here at The Chirohealth Clinic, I know what we do really makes a difference to the lives of our patients, and that in turn makes me feel truly amazing!”

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