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Regular Visits to The Chirohealth Clinic

Neck treatment whilst seated

Neck treatment whilst seated

Because we’re aware that our patient’s time is precious, we strive to make the rest of your visits to the clinic for your treatments as efficient as possible. You will receive a text message reminder 24hrs before your appointment.

Upon arrival to our Scunthorpe chiropractic clinic you’ll be greeted in reception, and on many occasions will go straight through to your Chiropractor if they are ready for you. Otherwise you may be asked to sit and wait for just a few minutes in our pleasant waiting area.

Once ready, you will be treated by your chiropractor who will explain exactly what each adjustment is for as they go and offer advice on managing their symptoms. The Chiropractor will use their knowledge and experience to coach you towards better health choices, with the aim of keeping your symptoms at bay.

A treatment can take anywhere from 5 minutes to 15 minutes but the good news is that the time taken is tailored to what is specifically required for you. Also because we don’t charge based on time taken, the amount you pay will always be the same even if your case requires longer to treat than is usual. If when you come for a routine treatment we find that no treatment is needed, we will not charge you as we only ever charge if treatment is given. The check up is free!

We understand that some patients may struggle to get to the clinic during ‘normal’ clinic hours which is why we work until 8pm on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, and are always open on a Saturday.

The Chirohealth Clinic | 01724 871222