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Each visit to The Chirohealth Clinic moves you closer to a life with Mojo!


Neck treatment whilst seated

Neck treatment whilst seated

You will be taken through a series of spinal adjustments (Chiropractic treatments) to optimise the function and performance of your spine. Adjustments are close enough to provide the joints with the energy to change however the spacing also allows for the body to adapt to the forces

As you’ve already guessed, it’s all about the Mojo-and funnily enough, MOJO explains the stages of care we provide!

Manage your pain

Optimise function of your spine and nervous system

Jumpstart stabilisation to prevent recurrence

Ongoing Mojo Growth (OMG!)

The Benefits of Improved Spinal Health

  • Improved posture & self esteem
  • Improved co-ordination, balance & body confidence
  • More energy & zest for life
  • Reduced medications & pro-active natural healthcare
  • Reduced stress, increased optimism & improved sleep
  • Increased flexibility & pain reduction
  • Less disease & sickness
  • Improved fitness, strength & performance
  • Increased productivity at work & home

We get so excited about the changes we see in our patients because of their improved spinal health but the bottom line is we keep you doing the things you love for longer.

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